President's Message

Over a century ago, Frank Furry, DO, then vice-president of the AOA, issued a painful commentary to the profession on the death of his daughter to diphtheria. Furry had opposed any change from the osteopathic philosophy of the 1800s, and so had not allowed his daughter to receive diphtheria antitoxin, though by that time its efficacy had been well established. In the aftermath of this tragedy, osteopathy evolved, and biologicals and pharmaceuticals became part of the grand pallet of therapies osteopathic physicians offer their patients. Since that time the osteopathic profession has met many challenges and evolved with the times, always with the ideal of maintaining a unique osteopathic identity, and always becoming stronger.

The American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) represents the largest body within the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), but that body can only thrive through active membership. Through active membership, we can manage our own destiny as a unique and vital element in the practice of American medicine. Through active membership here in Nevada we have, and will continue to seek dynamic community partnerships that add value and recognition to the unique practice of osteopathic family medicine. Through active membership, we can expand osteopathic postgraduate education, liaison with osteopathic specialists, and enhance the scope and profitability of our own and our fellow DOs practices.

I invite you to join me as an active member of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians—Nevada (ACOFP-NV) chapter; to become a guardian of our profession, to maintain our own unique identity, to protect our profession from assimilation or dilution of our unique osteopathic character, to enhance the quality and scope of our educational opportunities in Nevada and nationally, and to shape our destinies as osteopathic physicians in the critical months and years to come. Only through active membership in the ACOFP can osteopathic family physicians be assured their professional interests are best represented and best protected. As your president, I promise I will work diligently to represent your unique and vital practice of osteopathic medicine locally and nationally—but I cannot work alone; I need the support all osteopathic family physicians and our affiliated specialists to make the most of my tenure. Please join the ACOFP-NV today, and thank you for your support!


Sincere Regards,

Michael Karagiozis, DO

President, ACOFP-Nevada